About Us

At STANLIB Multi-Manager, we recognise that our success depends on helping investors achieve their investment goals. As the leading solutions’ provider in the Group our approach is to simplify an increasingly complex investment universe and simultaneously provide investors with the convenience of a single investment decision.

Proud track record

Founded in 1999, STANLIB Multi-Manager is the centre of excellence for multi-managed solutions within the Group, with an excess of 20 years of multi-asset know-how. STANLIB Multi-Manager has a proud and long-term track record. Over the past decade the business evolved and now offers a range of pre-designed solutions and/or customised solutions across the risk spectrum to suit investors at all stages of their lives.

Sizeable CIS multi-manager in South Africa

By continually adapting to a changing landscape we have now developed as a large provider of multi-managed investment related services, with mandates and other discretionary services in excess of R170 billion under stewardship. This demonstrates the confidence that investors have in the business.

Experienced team – more than 120 years of collective investment experience

The STANLIB Multi-Manager team brings together experience professionals that put our investors’ at the centre of our business. The team has more than 120 years of collective investment experience with diverse skills set. Strong alignment exists between the various business units, and together with our global network of experts, serves as the foundation of the overall business.

  • Established business
  • Part of a reputable Group - Liberty
  • Strong performance track record
  • Investment management is our only business
A complete investment solution

We have a unique value proposition in that we can blend our abilities across different asset classes and strategies (including passive and alternative investments) but also provide additional diversification by including external managers to provide tailored investment outcomes for investors.

Investors only have a single point of entry whereby we take responsibility for selecting the right managers – those whose approaches and capabilities best match your needs. Along with our unlimited investment scope, global intelligence network and our total impartiality, we ensure that our solutions can always take advantage of the right opportunities no matter where and when they arise.


Our people make STANLIB Multi-Manager a centre of investment excellence, driven by deep curiosity and continuous learning. We believe that awareness and insights are broadened by team decision making, and as such foster an environment of active and challenging debate, while maintaining a high degree of respect and integrity for each other. While we believe in collective wisdom, we equally believe in measuring outcomes at both an individual and team level, to encourage learning from good and poor decisions made.

All our thoughts, interactions and outcomes are shaped by our passion for our clients. Listening and understanding our clients’ needs remains paramount in our approach to generating value adding investment ideas. With our clients in mind, we do what it takes to get the job done and quite often it’s all-hands-on-deck, with team members going beyond their roles to ensure quality and timeous outcomes for clients.

At the heart of it all, we are a passionate and fun team that connects so well that we feed off each other’s energy and wisdom.

Management Team

De Wet van der Spuy

Managing Director

Joao Frasco

Chief Investment Officer

Tyron Harrison

Head of Operations
BCom, H.Dip.Acc, CA(SA)

Malcolm Holmes

Head of Institutional Portfolio Management
BCom(Hons), CFA

Jennifer Henry

Head of Retail Portfolio Management
BCom(Hons), CFA, FRM

Albert Louw

Head of Business Development

Nuncy Green

HR Business Manager

Investment Mission

Our objective is to deliver superior net investment returns more consistently than through a single asset manager or mandate, by exploiting various sources of return, while diversifying multiple sources of risk.

Core Beliefs

Over time, our investment philosophy has evolved considerably over multiple dimensions, while staying on track in its core direction – which is a reliance on great work to get to the best possible answers. We recognise the noise in capital markets can only be adequately addressed by ensuring that the probabilities of success can be influenced incrementally by nudging the odds ever so slightly in our favour. There are many opportunities to do this throughout the process and leaving an opportunity unexplored may result in the undoing of a lot of the excellent work. We therefore do not focus on only doing one or two things really well and leave the rest to chance. Rather, we focus on doing everything we can really well, sometimes focusing on the basics to begin, and increasing the complexity and sophistication as we progress. This ensures that the process is continually improving. Our motto is to leave everything we touch better than when we found it. We do this by sharing a commitment to diversification, accountability, knowledge gaining and sharing, curiosity, openness and transparency.

  • We begin with a dedicated and uncompromising commitment to exploiting the highest quality data, systems, processes and people, since these are the controllable factors in an otherwise uncertain investment environment
  • We recognise that asset managers with skill may exist within certain markets or specific market segments/asset classes. They have the ability to deliver returns in excess of their benchmarks or passive alternatives
  • We identify these managers through a rigorous and integrated approach of quantitative and qualitative manager research
  • Using advanced modeling and statistical techniques, we combine these managers with passive alternatives where appropriate, to produce superior net investment returns, with a greater consistency than single mandates, through the diversification of idiosyncratic manager risks
  • Strategic (long-term) and tactical (short-term) asset allocation ensures that portfolios are appropriately designed and maintained to maximise the probability of meeting investment objectives
  • Our systematic and on-going portfolio management process includes inputs from manager and market research, asset allocation and portfolio construction. This value add ensures portfolios are efficiently managed and positioned
  • Portfolio risk is managed at each and every step of the process to ensure that portfolios are designed, constructed and maintained so as to maximise the chances of achieving the investment objectives within any specified constraints

Investment Process

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In order to ensure that there is a clear understanding of how portfolios are expected to perform, a portfolio’s objectives and constraints are defined, documented and communicated, using Portfolio Management Guidelines as a tool. Portfolios are then designed, constructed, managed and monitored against these.

Asset allocation provides the framework for manager research and portfolio construction, creating inputs for strategic (long-term) and tactical (short-term) decision-making.
In order to obtain an understanding of portfolio behavior and expectations of performance, thorough quantitative and qualitative analyses are conducted culminating in an extensive investment due diligence. This results in the production of high conviction buy/hold/sell lists, as well as mandate performance expectations under different environments, defining events and sell triggers/disciplines. These then feed into the portfolio construction and ongoing management processes.

Portfolios are designed to meet the investment objectives specified and communicated upfront. They are designed to maximize the chances of meeting competing investment objectives in a robust way, while taking the appropriate and acceptable level of risk inherent in all investment processes. There are many different manager-blending frameworks and STANLIB Multi-Manager identifies the most appropriate framework for the given portfolio.
As an additional source of value-add and risk management, we perform an ongoing evaluation of underlying managers and strategy. This includes implementing strategic and tactical decisions at asset allocation and manager selection levels; managing liquidity and cash flows into and out of portfolios; performance evaluation of portfolios and all the underlying contributors to performance; maintaining manager relationships; compliance management; and client reporting and communication.
A separate high-level governance and risk management overview ensures that portfolios are meeting their competing investment objectives, that individual decisions throughout the investment process are adding value and that possible areas of concern are identified and resolved quickly.